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Why New Businesses Shouldn’t Use Webinars as Lead Magnets

Updated: May 30, 2019

Someone in a Facebook group for entrepreneurs shared this sentiment a few weeks ago:

"Am I the only one that hates watching webinars as the freebie in a funnel? I’d rather just read through the info than watch an hour of someone I don’t know or care about talking."

There are many that feel the same way as this person ...including me.

Webinars have emerged as a popular lead generation tool for many online businesses. People love hands-on lessons and walk-throughs that can help them better build their own businesses. However, webinars are not always successful at generating leads or conversions when lesser-known businesses are marketing to cold traffic.

This is mainly because the audience is not familiar with your or your brand, and as a result, less receptive to your message. They’re thinking: Who are you? Why should I listen or be convinced by what you’re telling me and what you are trying to sell me?

Webinars are more successful as a conversion tactic for entrepreneurs and businesses that have a larger online presence and a strong, engaged community of followers and subscribers.

Case in point: A month ago, I found myself registering for Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Live Richer Academy program.

I was already familiar with her brand and program since she is a popular expert within her niche, financial education, and she is heavily promoted on social media by her followers. However, I wasn’t following her nor consumed any of her content, up until I signed up for her free webinar. Her headline, How I Built a 7-Figure Business with $250!, reeled me in because I was interested in learning how she grew and scaled her business into the successful company it is today.

How was she able to convert me, who had shown no interest in her business, into a paying member of her program by the end of the webinar?

Valuable information

Most of the information The Budgetnista shared during the webinar was new to me and wasn’t something you could easily find from doing a Google search. For the things I was already knowledgeable on, it was still interesting to hear her perspective and insight from her experience. She also provided her audience with actionable takeaways that we can implement in our businesses.

People are busy and if they are taking time out of their day to listen to you talk for an hour, you don’t want them to feel like they wasted their time because either they didn’t benefit from the information shared or didn’t gain any new knowledge.


She was able to captivate her audience from the start with her energetic and funny personality. The information and insights she provided were weaved into stories she shared about herself, her company and staff.

Her approach is very “tell it like it is” which makes her teachings more relatable to her target audience. Her passion for the subject matter showed through her dialogue.

It’s true….

“Facts tell, but stories sell.

The Budgetnsita proved to me that her content was gold; I left her webinar curious and wanting more.

You don’t need a bubbly personality to have a successful webinar. However, it is important that your content is not only valuable and a deep-dive into a topic that is important to your audience, but that you are also knowledgeable and passionate about the topic where you can keep your audience engaged and entertained by sharing stories and insights.

When to Offer Webinars?

Webinars are better geared toward people who are subscribed to your email list and/or interact with your content by reading your emails, blog posts or engaging with you on social media. The audience is more receptive to your message, because they are familiar with you and what you provide, and a webinar can maximize this relationship and drive more sales. When your webinar is informative, engaging and leaves your attendees wanting more it will inspire them to take action.